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Bankruptcy lawyers: These attorneys provide consultation and advice to individuals who may need to file for bankruptcy. When people are unable to meet their financial obligations or when businesses can no longer operate at a profit, it may be in their best interest to file. The process could be lengthy and complicated. However, it helps to protect people, businesses, corporations and organizations from their debtors and renders relief from debt. For clients’ safety and protection, bankruptcy lawyers are hired to represent their cases in court.

Business lawyers: Also known as commercial or corporate lawyers, are legal representatives for corporate individuals, businesses and companies. This category of law focuses on commercial transactions, trading of merchandise and manufacturing and sales of products and services. Business lawyers represent the rights, conduct and relations of those concerned. They specialize in hiring practices, corporate contracts and consumer goods. If lawsuits are initiated due to issues such as misrepresentation of products, faulty equipment that have malfunctioned, or any transactions deemed illegal, the services of business lawyers are retained.

Criminal lawyers: They represent people who encounter problems with the law due to crimes that have been committed against other individuals or the state. Based on the Presumption of Innocence, the accused is innocent until proven guilty. It is the responsibility of criminal lawyers to investigate the facts, prepare the cases and represent his or her clients with hopes of proving their innocence. In the case of guilty clients, criminal lawyers may advise that they plead guilty so that a plea bargain may be arranged.

Employment lawyers: They will negotiate on behalf of workers who have been unfairly dealt with on their jobs. Sometimes workers may be falsely accused of certain acts, or they may be fired without a just cause. If the workers believe they have been treated unfairly and that they have a case against their employers, they will seek advice from employment lawyers. They are familiar with the laws that govern the relationships between employers and employees. Generally, they seek compensations on their clients’ behalf.

Family lawyers: They provide legal representations for matters related to family and domestic situations. These include disputes and negotiations due to marriage, domestic relationships and civil unions. Matters arising from concluding relationships such as annulment of marriage or divorce are litigated in court. Consequently, entitlements with regards to property settlements, child custody, visitation rights and child support are dealt with. Cases involving children such as child abuse, missing children, surrogacy and adoption come under this practice. Juvenile adjudication and parent-related disputes are also included.

General practice lawyers: They do not specialize in any particular area of law. They provide general practice, so they represent clients who require straightforward legal assistance. This may include representing clients in court for misdemeanors or drawing up contracts for businesses or estates. Although they may not have in-depth knowledge of any special practice, their general knowledge equips them to provide adequate consultation for their clients. For highly complicated cases, they may refer their clients to a colleague who specializes in a particular practice.

Intellectual property lawyers: They represent cases that involve people’s personal ideas, creations and inventions. There are copyright laws that govern, control and regulate how people respond to others’ unique thinking abilities. These include any type of intangible assets such as music, literary work, arts and designs. The laws are violated when people use the ideas, written work or inventions without the owner’s consent. People who are in violation of the laws may be taken to court so that the victims may protect their rights.

Personal injury lawyers: They will fight for the rights of people who have been injured. Injuries include vehicular accidents due to drunk driving, speeding and careless or reckless driving. Injuries occur because of negligence in public places or on the job due to wet floors on unmarked, dangerous areas, etc. Injuries may be sustained due to medical malpractice, nursing homes’ carelessness, during altercations with others, etc. By law, the individuals who are at fault must take responsibility. Personal injury lawyers negotiate for compensatory damages.

Real estate lawyers: They will seek judgments for people involved in real estate matters. This category of law includes the sales, leases and purchases of residential and commercial properties. It also includes homeowners-association disputes, landlord and tenant relationships, and neighborhood regulations. Real property financing such as deeds and mortgages are also represented. When people’s rights are violated relative to owning real estate or enjoying the benefits of property ownership or rental, lawyers who specialize in this area of law are called upon for court representation.

Tax and estate planning lawyers: These attorneys assist people who need help with organizing their taxes for filing purposes and those who are faced with tax issues against the government. When unpaid taxes are outstanding, garnishment and liens are placed on people’s assets, including all bank accounts, salaries and incomes. Due to the complicated process, legal help may be required. Lawyers in this area also assist people who opt to leave instructions about their assets before they die. This includes establishing and drawing up wills and beneficiaries for inheritance.

Workers compensation lawyers: represent employees who are seeking entitlements from their employers. When workers are treated unfairly or if they are laid off or injured on the job, they may be entitled to compensation. Employees’ benefits may be due if they become incapacitated and are no longer able to work. These lawyers fight on behalf of workers to ensure that employers take responsibility for their part of the bargain. Compensation benefits may include money for medical bills and lump sum payments for other incurred expenses.

Traffic ticket lawyers: defend drivers who have been ticketed for various traffic violations. These include speeding, DUI offenses, points reduction, disobeying the red light, driving with suspended license, and hit and run crimes. Reckless driving, automated photos that result in tickets, radar ticketing, cell phone tickets and DMV hearings can be negotiated by traffic ticket lawyers. Traffic tickets adversely affect drivers’ insurance rates, loss of licenses and driving points. Lawyers seek to dismiss the tickets.